Our Story

We like to live life and enjoy the world around us, but we like to enjoy each other, too. But when extended time outside makes for uncomfortable turndowns, what can change the odds back in our flavor? When a shower isn’t available, what can be done to help bring someone close?

“What if there was a wipe that would make my junk tasty and smell great?”

“Would this have evened out an otherwise gross situation and allowed us to give into the moment?”

With those ideas in mind, a chemist created the first Funky Junk Wipe flavor out of a soft and durable material changing the way we play. As it so happens, that chemist is our founder.


The Funky Junk team is united by three great loves:


First: we love clean, safe, consensual sex in all its forms. Like it clean? Dirty? Raunchy? With toys? So do we! That’s why our wipes are specially designed to be safe for use with latex condoms and sex toys.

Second: we love all types of bodies – and all types of junk! That’s why Funky Junk Wipes are for everyone. So long as you have a body or some junk, you can use Funky Junk Wipes, anywhere, anytime. We love seeing photos of our product in use and our logo around town. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for contests, promotions, and upcoming locations. Check out some creative pics here, and send us yours – you could even win a prize if we post them in our feed.

Third: we love humor. We love saying “we sell flavored sex wipes,” and waiting for the reaction. Usually, we get giggles. Sometimes we get confessions. Our wipes are meant to be a fun and easy way to move past what can typically screw up an orgasmic opportunity. Now go have some fun! Get active doing whatever it is you love to do, but don’t forget to bring a wipe or two!

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