What is this thing for?

Funky Junk Flavored Wipes™ are meant to enhance the sexual experience. Each wipe is covered with an edible (and tasty) fluid. Just use Funky Junk’s wipe on your skin or intimate areas, and … well, use your imagination – or have your partner use theirs.

Are Funky Junk Flavored Wipes™ cleansing?

Yes! The wipe is mildly cleansing but not soapy – it leaves no residue and (unlike soap) is tasty.

Are Funky Junk Wipes™ edible?

Oh my, no! Do not eat the wipes. They are flavored, not edible and will give you serious indigestion.

Are Funky Junk Wipes™ sticky?

Never! They’re scientifically designed to never be sticky while leaving a lasting great smell and taste, too.

Is my Funky Junk Wipe™ flushable?

No. Not unless you like to give your plumber more business.

Can I use a condom with Funky Junk Wipes™?

Yes! Funky Junk Flavored Wipes™ are designed to be used with condoms and other safe sex methods. The wipes contain glycerin, which means they are safe to use with latex condoms.  And we love safe sex. Feel free to try it with your favorite sex toys too!

Will I experience side effects from the flavored wipe?

Maybe, but only if you are already prone to yeast or other bacterial infections. Some studies have linked glycerin-based lubricants to an increased rate of yeast infections. If you know you’re infection-prone, this product may not be for you. Check out our ingredients page here.

Are Funky Junk Flavored Wipes™ vegan?

Yes! Our product is vegan.

Do Funky Junk Wipes™ prevent pregnancy or STDs?

No! Always exercise safe sex and use another method of protection. We designed our wipes to enhance sex, not prevent consequences.

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